Accept payments on the run using our App is a wholly owned business of Bill Buddy Pty Ltd which has been operating since 2003 and is a market leader in providing Customer Payment Solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

PayMyInvoice offers your customers a series of convenient ways to pay your invoice. Our system is set-up so that there are no establishment fees and no ongoing or transaction fees to be paid by you unless you would like to offer BPAY as a payment option in which case a once-off $200 BPAY Sub-Biller establishment fee is payable. This is a fee that is charged to us by our bank for each BPAY Sub-Biller that we establish.

In addition to a leading product we also provide personal service rather than a call-centre environment. You will find yourself dealing with the same people in on a regular basis. can allow your customers to pay by:

  • Online credit card payments.
  • BPAY
  • Pay-By-Phone.

Your finance department will love to see the invoices are being paid on time due to the multiple payment options being provided to the payers.

A few of the benefits of the system are:

  • Full real-time reporting is provided via our secure online site including downloadable files that you can manipulate to your requirements in spreadsheet applications.
  • Daily remittances rather than weekly or fortnightly like some other providers


 Download the application kit now.  

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